Steering And Suspension

Steering And Suspension
Image by OrlovAlex from bigstockphoto.com

A smooth and comfortable ride is only possible with an optimally operating steering and suspension system. From the steering fluid level to the differential and wheel bearings, every part and element of your vehicle’s suspension and steering systems come together to ensure a balanced and smooth ride.

Signs your car may be experiencing issues with steering or suspension include:

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Wayward wheels
  • Difficulty when turning
  • Vehicle bouncing
  • Noises heard when driving over bumps

At Your Buddy Steve’s Garage, we’ll thoroughly inspect your vehicle to correctly diagnose and pinpoint the problem. We’ll make thorough recommendations and provide transparent proof of the need for repairs through the use of our customer repair app. No repairs are ever completed without your clear consent and approval, and only those repairs that are necessary are ever recommended, keeping the costs low and the value of our service high.

Enjoy your vehicle’s ride the way it was meant with routine steering and suspension maintenance and repair services at Your Buddy Steve’s Garage. When You need us, call today to get trustworthy auto servicing in Croyden.