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Concierge - Let us help you sell your vehicle

Buddy Steve's Auto Sales and Service acts as an assistant, helping to sell your cars, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles. It is an eminent destination offer genuine customers interested to buy vehicles. The fact is seeking out authentic customers to sell your vehicle is somehow a daunting task. Every seller interested to fetch a high amount of money, but every buyer is willing to cut his pocket according to his cloth. We help to create a positive bond between buyers and sellers. Thereby, both get satisfied deals. Before stamping on the final deal, we examine the vehicles thoroughly. Therefore, buyers would avail effective deals. For sellers, we offer maintenance services which help them to find out the interested buyers.

  • Instantly selling of the vehicle
  • Locate the right buyer
  • Grab money beyond than market prices
  • Thorough examination of the vehicle
  • Effective, rapid, and beneficial services

Maintenance Plan - Keep your vehicle lasting longer

We always intend to offer 100% satisfaction to our customers by our authentic services. Besides, we offer sale and purchase of vehicles, also feeling worried to keep your vehicle flawless. We take care of timely maintenance of your vehicles, therefore, you will experience good average, seamless driving, as well as genuine buyers whenever you need to sell it. All maintenance services offered at Buddy Steve's Auto Sales and Service will be at nominal prices as we equip with veteran technicians that can rectify the errors occurred in your vehicle within no time. Hence, we trust to keep our esteemed customers happier forever. We offer different maintenance plans, includes monthly, quarterly, biannually, and annually. You are welcome to avail any maintenance plan accordingly your convenience.

  • Variant maintenance plans as per customers’ needs
  • Authorize to amend maintenance plans
  • Cost-effective maintenance
  • Long-lasting maintenance services
  • Ensure veteran technicians for maintenance
  • Seamless driving after maintenance

Buy-Back Program - Buy from us – Sell back to us

As the name depicts, being our buyers, you can become our sellers sometimes. It is an appreciated service offered by Buddy Steve's Auto Sales and Service where you can a buy a car or truck or any vehicle, which you can return within some span as discuss once we will deal. Buy-Back Program has been highly admired by our customers as they have got the way where they can get the good return of money once they used the vehicle. If you have the plan to buy used cars or trucks of prominent brands like Ford, Chevrolet, Honda, etc., then straightly come to us to buy from the wide collection of vehicles under a roof. We are well-favoured by our customers being selling the vehicles after thoroughly examined its conditions and in a case of any fault, rectify it before delivering ahead without charging extra.

  • Experience branded cars or trucks for a specific time
  • Avail the high return for your used car or truck
  • Instant dealing while buying and selling
  • Thorough examination before and after of cars before and after the Buy-Back Program
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Hi Guys, thanks for showing your intention for our services. At Your Buddy Steve’s Auto Sales and Service, our veteran team always welcomes you to ensure an exceptional shopping experience. Being trusted on unity, we combinedly care for our customers, while offering a multitude of opportunities from our wide selection of certified and used cars, trucks, and SUV’s. We are intent for customer’s satisfaction instead of hiking up our sales figure.  Hence, we aim to make car shopping fun and fun only.

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Hassle-free car buying processes
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Work with fun
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Customer Reviews
Buddy Steve’s Auto Sales and Service is the best destination I ever experienced. 4 years ago, I purchased a car over there, still, overwhelmed as it was in the best condition when I brought. I need to repair only once in four years. Really, a wonderful place to purchase used cars. I have recommended it to some of my friends. Good Luck!
John StephanVehicle Buyer
I have a bundle of love for the technicians working in Buddy Steve’s Auto Sales and Service. A year back, I found my Mercury Mariner Premier I4 stopped working due to some technical issues. I got my car inspected to a service centre located nearby my home. When I got my car back after a week, I noticed the same fault within a week. Then I approached Buddy Steve’s Auto Sales and Service transmission checkup services where my car was inspected and repaired. Fortunately, within a day, I got my car back and has been using it since that day without any fault. A big thanks to Buddy Steve’s Auto Sales and Service!
Richard JollyVehicle Service
Since 2002, I have been using the Buy-Back Program offered by Buddy Steve’s Auto Sales and Service. Really satisfied! Suggesting you avail this service as well.
Mary AustinVehicle Buyer