Four-Wheel Alignment

Though the random pothole or curb check can throw your vehicle’s tires out of alignment, normal wear and tear through daily driving can also take a toll. Using the industry-leading precision of Hunter’s HawkEye Elite™ alignment racks, we detect even the smallest irregularities in your wheels’ alignment. Powered by lasers, the system is the most powerful and accurate alignment machinery available today. Showing results in less than 90 seconds, the alignment rack lets us get you back on the road quickly and eliminates useless wait times and labor costs.

We stay on the cutting edge of the auto industry by always updating our equipment, tools, and machinery, we help our technicians continue to provide exceptional workmanship with everything they do, including four-wheel alignments and front end alignments. When your vehicle leaves our service bay, you can expect it to be serviced to its highest level.

If your vehicle is showing signs of uneven tire wear, your steering wheel is crooked or noisy, the car is pulling to one side or the other, or your tires squeal, then it’s time to get your alignment checked. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.